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Anonymous asked: "The One with (Rachel’s) Inadvertent Kiss"


The One With Derek’s Inadvertent Kiss


"Derek, c’mon, let me have a pizza roll."  Stiles reaches over and tries to grab one from the plate on Derek’s lap, only to be thwarted when Derek moves them out of his reach.

"Mine," Derek says, stuffing one into his mouth.  "My house, my food."

"But — you’re an alpha."

Derek eyes Stiles and shrugs.  ”So?”

"So you’re meant to — provide for the pack and stuff.  Be a giver and a —" Stiles huffs and reaches over again.  "Gimme a pizza roll!"


"It’s like you think I won’t climb on you," Stiles says.

"You could try," Derek says dismissively, grabbing the handful of pizza rolls left on the plate and pushing them all in his mouth.

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Ding, Dong! the Lich is dead! Which old Lich? The Wicked Lich!
My mother after we destroyed a Lich’s plans and phylactery within three rounds of combat. (via outofcontextdnd)

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Marauder-era kids dressing up as Star Wars characters AU…..

I’ve been on a random HP nostalgia kick recently so this was probably inevitable XD But hey, they grew up in the 70s so the first Star Wars would have actually been in theatres then?? (ignoring the time-travelling EU and prequel costumes, and any implied family relations!)

Some of these are a bit random – I was tossing up between making Peter be Anakin since he also literally loses an arm, but Snape and Anakin just have a lot of narrative parallels (a.k.a. Mr “vindictive anti-hero/villain guy with a somewhat… intense… love for a childhood friend and makes really bad life decisions and destroys everyone they love but turns back from the Dark Side with much controversy”) … aaand my hand slipped. ¯\_(シ)_/¯

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J.K Rowling said that her inspiration for Hagrid came from when she was 19  in a pub in the west country and this terrifying looking guy came in with these other biker guys and the only thing he talked to J.K about was how his cabbages were getting on

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